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Fall Prevention


All Seasons Home Care also offer Fall Prevention services in Texas. Based on researches conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 800,000+ individuals are brought into the ER for fall-related injuries yearly. The most frequently reported of the fall-related injuries are the head injuries and hip fractures. Serious injuries, such as broken bones and head injuries, happen every one in five falls.

Each year, 2.8 million elderly individuals (65 and older) are treated in the Emergency Room as a result of fall-related injuries. No less than 300,000+ elderly individuals are hospitalized yearly for hip fractures. A total of 95% of hip fractures all result from falling.

Fall prevention Service offered by All Seasons Home Care.

In cases of Fall prevention, All Seasons Home Care Offer Fall Prevention Services that is focused on developing coordination,

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strength, and sensory awareness needed to recover strong balance and reaction. Several issues may arise from muscular imbalance, which can cause an individual to walk improperly thus affecting balance and unsteadiness when performing normal activities.

The application of Fall prevention Service helps in solving these issues before any form of escalation into serious injuries ensuing from falls. All Seasons Home Care offers specialized Fall prevention Service focused on developing solutions and providing detailed strengthening exercises needed to improve muscular balance and response. Our Fall prevention Service can assess your balance or walk pattern and implement the necessary changes to improve your motion safely. With our assistance through our fall prevention services and balance training, you would be able to recover your body strength.

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All Seasons Home Care is a premium provider of Fall prevention services dedicated to delivering expert care to individuals with functional problems due to fall-related injuries. We have an experienced team ready to make a proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for any fall-related conditions with the help of the latest technologies and techniques.

Whenever it gets down to getting the best fall prevention services in Texas, All Seasons Home Care is your best bet. Get started Now with All Seasons Home Care, Call 1-877-750-7444 connect with a friendly All Seasons Home Care staff.