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General Care

The General Care Service we provide at All Seasons Home Care involves the delivery of high-quality advanced specialized care, family medicine, and health screenings to clients in Texas. With various flexible plans available, you and your loved ones are invited to join ours. Our staffs are trained to offer exceptional care to adolescents, adults, infants, and toddlers, so there are no switching doctors as you get older.

General Care with All Seasons Home Care

General Care is a medically associated with personal and home care service offered to individuals with health issues affecting or limiting functionality and performance of various daily living activities. The assessment is usually followed under a statement of medical necessity. Keeping you and your loved ones healthy begins with the smallest members.

Variety of Home Care Services: We make use of experts well trained to identify and render the solution to most health problems relating to adolescents, adults, infants, and toddler.

Convenience: Our General Care Service covers the whole family, so you can always make use of the same experts regularly.

Familiarity: A record is always made handy to cater for all General Care needs which helps proffer faster solutions.

General Care services

The covered services in the General Care Offer that we provide includes

Escort: We make available an employee to accompany clients for medical diagnosis, treatment, etc.

Home Management: We assist with housekeeping activities that aid the client’s health and safety. It includes housekeeping, laundering, grocery and storing items, etc.

Personal Care: We also assist with own activities relating to the physical health of our clients. It includes exercising, feeding, grooming, hair and skin care, meal preparation, medication administration, etc.

A lot of today’s health concerns have a precautionary factor. Becoming proactive about your health and keeping pace with regular screenings is always helpful. Do not wait till things get out of hand before seeking help. Get professional recommendations based on the screenings you need to help identify any illness early enough to improve your chances.

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