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Our Services

Welcome to All Seasons Home Care Specialty Area for Services. We provide expert therapists who are skilled enough to treat certain conditions and injuries effectively. All Seasons Home Care in McAllen offers physical therapy services to heal clients in quick time.

At All Seasons Home Care, we take care of various clients covering a varied age, ranging from kids to mothers and elderly persons in need of personal care assistance in their homes. We make available high-quality Home Care services tailored to meet every client’s unique needs. Our services include putting a team together to work with you to get your health back to its optimal performance.

The high-quality home care services provided by All Seasons Home Care affords all clients the needed peace of mind that comes with the safety of our various techniques in receiving effective and quality home health care. We make assessments on clients with the latest method and technology available today.

Every assessment carried out by a team from All Seasons Home Care entails the use of the best quality medical equipment. Aside from the use of technologically advanced medical equipment, All Seasons Home Care engages the most qualified employees and specialist to make every session and in-house training worth the while. We are also open to improvement, taking out time to learn and relearn all that’s available within the various services we offer.


Below there is a checklist of some of the services we provide. Check all of the services that you are interested in, then submit your personalized list. Someone will contact you and create a service plan to specifically fit your needs.

What All Seasons Home Care Offer

Home Health care: The Home Health care service provided by All Seasons Home Care permits client with special requirements to stay within the comfort of their home. The Home Health care service is more suited for individuals who are chronically ill, disabled, older, or recuperating from surgery. The Home Health care service we provide comprise of education, medical, and rehabilitation care by some of the best healthcare specialists available today.

Provider Services: The provider care services offered by All Seasons Home Care are made available using non-skilled and non-technical assistance service for clients who have limitation to their functionality.

General Care and Private Pay Care: Our staffs are trained to offer exceptional care to adolescents, adults, infants, and toddlers, so there are no switching doctors as you get older.

Fall prevention: The Fall Prevention service we provide is focused on developing coordination, strength, and sensory awareness needed to recover strong balance and reaction.

Meal Preparation: The Meal Preparation service we provide involves the performance of everything from grocery to Meal Preparation in accord to any particular diet plan for any client.

Other General Services provided includes:

  • Adult and Cardiac Nursing
  • Catheter Care and Instruction
  • Diabetes Management
  • Decubitus and Hypertension Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Medical Management and Social Worker
  • Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy.

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